motif investing logoI came about Motif Investing in a roundabout way. I was actually reading an article about a strategy that buys 30 different stocks each month.

One of the comments on the article was that transaction costs could eat into the system performance, unless you use a broker that is able to bunch the orders together into one transaction. And that is exactly what you can do with Motif Investing.

Motif Investing Video Review:

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Chinese shares are lower this morning with the Shanghai Composite Index sinking at least 6% overnight and taking the market back to it’s recent lows. Poor manufacturing data out last week will not have helped and traders will be concerned of volatility spilling over into European and US markets today. With July’s FOMC meeting and GDP numbers to come, there are plenty of potential roadblocks ahead. Read more »

We have seen a lot of big moves in Tech & Internet stocks recently which I personally find a little worrying. Last week it was Netflix, Facebook, and Google, with gains of as much as 30%. This week we’ve seen Amazon surge 17% making the company bigger than Wal-Mart. Read more »

Netflix and Google helped contribute to some big gains in the technology space last week. The Nasdaq had one of it’s best weeks of the year, closing higher by 4%. It’s tempting then, to take some cash off the table since the index is beginning to look extended on a short-term basis. Read more »