It is my belief that to succeed in the financial markets you need to have some kind of trading system in place.

Trading systems protect the trader from his ‘inner chimp‘ – the limbic side of the brain that relies heavily on emotions and gut instinct. The inner chimp is quick to react and respond to incoming dangers. It often makes snap decisions based on emotion or a feeling. Read more »

I tweeted earlier and advised that now might be a good time to reduce exposure to riskier assets such as stocks and seek haven elsewhere.

The looming EU referendum that is expected to take place next Thursday 23 June in the UK has already contributed to some steep falls in European shares and the British pound. It now looks like that volatility could spill over into US markets. Read more »

Several months ago I was thinking about candlestick charts and whether or not these classic patterns had any predictive ability for trading. I had a look around but all I could find were vague speculations and cliches. I couldn’t find any solid evidence of whether they actually worked or not.

So… I thought I would casually test out a few candlestick price patterns and see if any of them actually worked.

Shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Read more »