My trading courses now come with complete Amibroker system code for over 20 strategies. Check them out here.

The Amibroker trading platform is extremely fast, flexible and is excellent value for money. I’ve been using the software for around five years now and my Amibroker AFL collection has grown considerably in that time.

Whether you’re interested in building trading systems, trading long term trends, investing in blue-chip companies, or picking penny stocks, you’ll be able to do that and lots more with Amibroker.

amibroker afl collection postIf you are just starting out with AFL, make sure to take a look at the user manuals on the Amibroker site and the post I did about writing AFL for Amibroker.

Best Amibroker AFL Collection

There are two places I go to look for free Amibroker AFL. One is the Amibroker online library and the other is the Yahoo Amibroker forum.

I recently came across this collection of 129 Amibroker systems too. I haven’t delved into it too deeply yet but the systems look simple and easy to use.

These are all great places to start learning about Amibroker but as with most sources of free material some hunting is often required in order to get to the good stuff.

The other problem with any Amibroker AFL collection, is that any trading system you find online is available for anyone to use. Because of this, you’re pretty unlikely to find one that works, or at least works well. Nevertheless, Amibroker AFL that you find online can always be adjusted, altered and learnt from for your own means.

Don’t forget the data

Another important thing to remember when using Amibroker is that a trading system is only as good as the data you’re using.

It is essential to use high quality, clean stock data. Otherwise you will end up with a flawed trading system that will lose money in real trading.  I use the services at Norgate Premium Data and am very happy, especially with the new historical constituents database which comes with the Alpha program. You can get a free trial of the service here.

AFL in my courses

If you are looking for Amibroker AFL, my courses contain a collection of over 20 trading systems, some trend following and some mean reverting. These are tested on at least ten years of historical stock data, and in the case of my new Trend Following For Stocks course, the system and code has been back-tested over 30 years.

The trading systems shown on my courses are the best trading systems I’ve found from years of back-testing and research. They produce returns ranging from 13% CAR (compound annual return) to over 50% CAR. And they are all simple, straightforward systems that can be easily implemented on a daily or weekly basis.

Trading the Noise AFL

For example, trading system 4 in my HTBWS course is called ‘Trading the Noise Plus Shorts’. It uses a very simple indicator to measure the level of noise in a stock in order to determine when it is trending. It returned  23.93% CAR over 10 years and had only one down year which was 2002. You can get the free Amibroker AFL for the strategy here.

Amibroker Afl collection noise

RSI with the VIX AFL

Likewise, trading system 15, is called ‘RSI with the Vix’ and returned 25.73% in backtesting. It uses a simple trend following strategy using the RSI indicator and the VIX volatility index as a filter. Get the free Code Here

Amibroker AFL Collection RSI

Cherry Picking Penny Stocks

Trading system 18, called ‘Cherry Picking Penny Stocks’, delivers 30.45% CAR over 10 years of stock market data and has a maximum system drawdown of -30.18%. The system picks penny stocks that are moving in strong upward trends using a filter based on the ATR (average true range function). It also has a price filter though to avoid the really illiquid penny stocks.

Amibroker afl collection cherry

And these trading systems are also mentioned in my book which is available on Amazon. The book, however, does not include any of the new strategies that I have since added to the courses. Such as Trend Following For Stocks, Market Timing with the VIX and the Unusual Volume system.

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    • niraj

    • October 7, 2015

    • 5:47 am

    • Reply

    Require to create Popup Alert AFL for Amibroker

    i have draw the horizontal/trend line in so many stocks in multipal time frame (2 min , 5 min , 15min , 30 min , hrs. and daily) and whenever price will cross and close above (selected time candle) of horizontal/trend line then require “POPUP” alert and same think below the horizontal/trend line and close the price below the horizontal/trend line.
    input area are as under.
    Input Area
    selective stock,
    selective time frame
    price close above horizontal/trend line
    price close below horizontal/trend line

    Let me know the charges

    • Sorry, I don’t tend to do custom programming. I’m sure there are others who can assist you. Thanks.

    • kaustubh

    • April 15, 2016

    • 12:10 am

    • Reply

    sir do you have afl or afl code for the gunners 24 based on gann fan and sq of 9 technique

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