Well after four days of solid gains, stock markets finished in the red again yesterday as the price of crude oil collapsed, dropping 2.4%. I have to admit I didn’t see oil falling as much as it has done. I’ve always been somewhat of a perma-bull when it comes to energy and the dwindling global reserves of the black stuff.

Anyway, I only have one oil explorer in the portfolio so my other stocks will hopefully balance out the volatility. And I was pleased to see $PKG jump over 10% on Tuesday. Read more »

I just published an article on Seeking Alpha about one of the stocks in my portfolio; Alliance Resource Partners $ARLP.

ARLP is an Eastern MLP coal company that has been able to raise it’s distribution every quarter since 2007. This coal stock has had an impressive rise since the financial crisis, gaining over 300%. However the stock has been hard hit in recent weeks along with most of the rest of the market. Read more »

lakeland industries inc stock chartIt’s been another tough week in the markets as the S&P 500 recorded it’s worst five days in two years. Equities were a sea of red on Friday, particularly tech stocks, with the Nasdaq dropping -2.33% on the day.

If there was a sector to make money it was healthcare and there were some big gains for companies linked to the Ebola crisis. For example, Lakeland Industries Inc. ($LAKE) soared 125%. The company manufactures Hazmut suits, the type worn to protect against the virus.

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I have spoken before that I am a fan of the Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) method for investing in stocks. Particularly as a way to invest a regular stream of income.

In this article I present a new take on the traditional DCA approach and suggest a way investors can further improve their returns. I also suggest that it is possible to buy random stocks and still make good returns over time.

can you make money in random stocks image

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Last week’s picks*:

VA: CPA +7.26%
MR: BBSI +3.08%
PS: ATEC -5.20%
SS: FLT -0.15%
ST: NKE +0.88%

Stock markets closed higher on Friday after another volatile week almost derailed investor confidence. In the end, US unemployment numbers came in better than expected and that helped markets to finish in the green with the Dow Jones advancing by 1.23% to the close.

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