Quantitative trading involves the use of mathematical calculations, data analysis and number crunching to seek out profitable trading opportunities in the financial markets.

Price, volume, and fundamental data can all be used to formulate quantitative trading strategies depending on what it is you are hoping to achieve. In the rest of this article, I will identify 25 places online, where you might find some profitable quant trading strategies and ideas: Read more »

With everyone talking about the Federal Reserve this week, there is an awful lot of noise surrounding what the Fed will or won’t do. It’s at times like these where it pays to keep a bit of perspective and remember to not do anything rash.

Following are a number of charts that I have compiled from various sources that should be essential for new investors and traders alike: Read more »

Just lately I have been using the trading analysis platform Amibroker an awful lot. I’ve been testing trading ideas, building simple technical indicators, and learning some new tricks. (I plan to present such findings in later articles, of course).

You see, Amibroker is such a flexible platform that you can do also sorts of things with it. Read more »