The 4th of July US holiday always seems like a good time to reflect on what is going on in the world and the current situation in financial markets.

Unfortunately, the events of the last couple of weeks have caught many traders by surprise and many have lost a lot of money.

Let’s analyse what’s been going on and then make some comments about what to expect in the coming weeks ahead. Read more »

I tweeted earlier and advised that now might be a good time to reduce exposure to riskier assets such as stocks and seek haven elsewhere.

The looming EU referendum that is expected to take place next Thursday 23 June in the UK has already contributed to some steep falls in European shares and the British pound. It now looks like that volatility could spill over into US markets. Read more »

Stock markets finished higher last week with the Dow Jones Industrial Average up just over 100 points and the benchmark indexes climbing around 2% in what was a shortened week thanks to the public holiday. This was one of the best weekly performances since March. Read more »