Global stock markets are currently experiencing extreme volatility with the S&P 500 dropping almost -8% over the last four days.

Stocks have continued to fall in Asia and Europe this morning and there is no doubt that this shakeout is a serious one, with the potential to continue for some time. Read more »

Last week’s picks produced a marginal profit, with positive returns for our value pick Valero Energy and our short pick Nu-Skin Enterprises. Our short-term reversal pick Disney Inc. saw a small loss, though the stock is still a buy according to the system rules. Read more »

Commodity prices continued to slip last week, the US dollar gained and stocks ended modestly higher. So far earnings have continued to beat expectations (albeit off a low level) but this is yet to translate into solid gains for the market. Overall, our picks did relatively well last week with healthy profits for BIIB and NSR. Read more »

Chinese shares are lower this morning with the Shanghai Composite Index sinking at least 6% overnight and taking the market back to it’s recent lows. Poor manufacturing data out last week will not have helped and traders will be concerned of volatility spilling over into European and US markets today. With July’s FOMC meeting and GDP numbers to come, there are plenty of potential roadblocks ahead. Read more »

Netflix and Google helped contribute to some big gains in the technology space last week. The Nasdaq had one of it’s best weeks of the year, closing higher by 4%. It’s tempting then, to take some cash off the table since the index is beginning to look extended on a short-term basis. Read more »

The stock picks are back this week, stay tuned for more interesting blog developments coming soon.

News is likely to be dominated by Greece this week after the country failed to come to constructive agreements with international creditors over the weekend. This has moved the country close to default and an exit from the euro. Read more »