Hacking Financial Markets!

Discover the best tools for making money in stocks, forex, and futures

This course from JB Marwood™ will teach you all the tools you need to ramp up your trading performance and grow your wealth exponentially. Over 20 powerful financial tools are covered including Finviz, StockTwits, Google Finance, Seeking Alpha, OANDA, SSRN, Trefis, Crystal Bull and more...

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Renante Mangumpit Renante Mangumpit

"This will save you hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars in subscriptions to useless trading products. Why pay over the moon for rip-off trading services when there are much better, free options available? The instructor [Joe Marwod] is also quick to answer any trading related question."

Scott Duffy Scott Duffy

"Not your usual trading course. This course focuses on the online tools available for finding good stocks and back-testing strategies. Went through it in an evening. Well worth it - recommended if you're looking for some new stock tools for your toolbox! Thanks Joe!"

Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase Hacking Financial Markets Today...

  • Over 30 video lectures and 2 hours of content

    Includes lifetime access & updates, 30-day money back guarantee & available on iOS & Android. All tutorials are recorded in 1024 HD video and can be sped up, slowed down or downloaded for offline viewing.

  • 20+ trading tools dissected and explained

    Over 20 of the best trading tools on the market are opened up and dissected letting you see the full benefits of each product.

This is what you'll learn from taking the course...

  • How to quickly screen for stocks

    The course takes a look at four of the best stock screeners available and shows you how to quickly screen for stocks and find low risk trading ideas. Without paying a penny.

  • How to brainstorm new trade ideas

    The course shows various free services such as SSRN and Seeking Alpha that can be used to quickly brainstorm low risk, high reward trading ideas.

  • How to track economic & macro trends

    You will learn how to track global economic trends with Trading Economics, find economic data with EconoMagic and sculpt your own macro view.

  • Several cutting edge tools for forex traders

    You’ll discover some free, cutting edge tools for forex traders that let you see market depth, analyse trader sentiment and watch price action.

  • Ways to follow breaking news

    You will learn how to keep up to date with fast moving markets by utilising Bloomberg News, StockTwits, and Twitter (by utilising the TweetDeck API).

  • Trading systems and simulation

    You will learn the best tools for building your own trading system. You will discover where the best trading simulators can be found so you can paper trade your new strategy without risk.

  • Ongoing support

    The course can be downloaded or viewed online. The discussion panel is where you can ask me any question you like and I will answer, usually within 12 hours.

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Note: This course usually retails on the learning platform Udemy at a cost of $147 (October 2015) but is offered free for JB Marwood readers for a limited time.