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How to find insanely cheap stocks. Deep value investing from JB Marwood.

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Here's What You're Getting When You Purchase The Value Investing System Today...

  • The Exact 10 Rules I Use To Find Cheap Stocks

    These rules are not simply plucked out of thin air. They are grounded in the principles of successful value investing and take their cues from successful value investors such as Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Peter Lynch.

  • Incredible Historical Performance

    This strategy is shown to have produced annualised returns at least 18 percentage points above the market over the last 15 years, with considerably smaller drawdowns and a higher Sharpe ratio.

  • A Highly Flexible Strategy That Anyone Can Use

    Entries and exits are made every two weeks. This is the perfect strategy to combine with another system, such as a trend following system, a short-term trading system, or a growth investing system.

  • Powerful Simulation Results

    The strategy is stress-tested using the same powerful back-testing simulator used by the likes of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. All back-tests are recorded live for your own verification.

  • A Primer On Value Investing

    As well as learning how to use this incredible system, you’ll also learn about value investing. You’ll learn about PE ratios, PEG ratios, cash flow ratios, book value, and lots more.

  • Over 2 Hours Of HD Video, PDFs & Resources

    The course is split up into bite sized chunks with absolutely no fluff. This means you can consume the course in just one sitting and become an astute value investor in just a couple of hours.

  • Ongoing Support

    The course is hosted online so no need for heavy downloads. The discussion panel is where you can ask me any question you like and I will answer, usually within 12 hours.

Click Here To Take The Course »YES! I'm Ready to Find The Cheapest Stocks Available

Here's What Some Others Have Said:

I found this course to be clear and well organized. I came away with a healthy sense of the values and principles needed to invest sensibly.

It provided a great filter to the noise that surrounds the investment world. However, I am new to this, relatively speaking, but I feel I have enough knowledge to recommend this course to people that might be flailing in this area.

At minimum this is a great approach to start with and it also seems a great approach to just settle down with.

I have some other factors I want to use in steering my investment program but I feel good about this approach and will use it as a foundation for my investing program.

From another perspective I don't want to veer away from the approach given here without very good reasons; and I have already found a couple but they were not persuasive enough for me to move away. So I figure that means I can think more intelligently about my options.

So, very happy and appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into crafting this course.

Peter Kelly

Actionable knowledge, not just pure information, communicated with great professionalism

The lessons in this course go way beyond pure information. JB (the instructor) knows his stuff inside out, and more significantly, he knows how to pass his knowledge clearly so that I can take action on it right away.

Michael Choke

Excellent course for value investing

This course includes all the rules for picking cheap value stocks, it explains HOW to "cut losses quickly" and "let winners run". Also it explains the risk part very well. Last but not least, the Instructor demonstrates how to backtest (tools and rules), so it is up to ones self to try investing by his rules or not.

While for me it was a bit to basic, specially in the beginning, I believe it is still an excellent course for someone just starting out at the markets.

Kosta Panagiotidis

This is a must for anyone interested in investing !

Everyone who wants a return on their investment needs an education, period. If you are really interested in living today to its max - just make sure you take care of tomorrow first, because when tomorrow comes you wont have the time to save your ass -ets - simply put, it will be too late!

So this course really drills down into the nuts and bolts of value investing - be a value investor for the long term, Warren Buffet did it - and his not done bad out it - learn for a couple of hours on the weekend - and you will gain a lifetime of education wealth - literally.

Fai Hansen

Click Here To Take The Course »YES! I'm Ready to Find The Cheapest Stocks Available

box30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Secure Checkout