Stock market economic calendars are essential in order to plan your trading day. Since economic releases have a huge effect on market prices, it is paramount to know when the important events are coming up and how you will react to them.

Take a look at the economic calendar below. It includes all the major releases for the coming session.You can keep coming back to this post and you’ll find the calendar updated daily.

Real Time Economic Calendar provided by

You can use the calendar to plan your trades. If an important announcement is coming up you may want to close your trade. News releases can be volatile so some traders prefer to avoid them.

You can also use the calendar in to trade the news directly. This calendar updates the second an announcement has been made. Therefore,  if a release comes out better than expected you could use it as justification to place a long trade.

Conversely, some days there will be little news on the economic calendar. When this is the case you know that there is more chance of the trading session being relatively quiet.  On such days it makes sense to keep profit targets much smaller.

On busy days, particularly when central banks such as the Fed meet, you know there will likely be a lot of volatility and therefore a lot of action to profit from.

However you use the stock market economic calendar, it is vital to keep track of economic releases and the calendar provides a great way of doing that. Make it part of your trading routine so that you are never caught out by a shock news release and find yourself on the wrong side of the trade.

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