best stock trading courses for beginners

I’m of the belief that you don’t need to be a beginner to take a beginners course – provided that the course is original and well taught. And in this list of the best stock trading courses I think there’s enough for both beginners as well as those who have been trading for a while.

Whenever I take a course like the ones listed below, I nearly always learn at least a couple of golden nuggets to make the whole thing worthwhile.

So here’s my list of the best stock trading courses for beginners. I’m providing them in my own order of preference so my favourite courses are at the top and my least favourite at the bottom.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the ones at the end are much worse than the ones at the top, it’s just my own personal view based on the content I’ve seen ( I haven’t taken all of them), the course structure and the teaching.

Best Stock Trading Courses For Beginners

aswath-free-stock-market-course#1. Investment Philosophies. (Online) Free

This one comes from New York University professor Aswath Damodaran and it’s completely free on YouTube.

The course includes 39 webcasts where Aswath goes through everything you could wish for. Including bonds, stocks, trading costs, random walks, technical analysis, value investing, arbitrage, growth investing and more.

What I like about Aswath is that he keeps an open mind. Unlike many academics he doesn’t completely write off popular trading methods like technical analysis. He stays objective and tells it how it is.

My Rating:5 star rating

trend following for stocks button#2. Trend Following For Stocks: Complete Trading System. (Online) $97

*Click the link to get a discount*

My newest course is not just a set of video tutorials, it’s a complete trading system that has been back-tested over robust historical data all the way back to 1996. This is a trend following strategy that shows impressive performance and a steady equity curve.

Historically, trend following has been one of the most reliable methods to make consistent profits in the markets and this course goes through all the essentials for applying the strategy to stocks.

Here’s what Sebastian Glockner had to say:

“I like this course a lot because the instructor explains step by step all you need to know about trends plus he introduces a complete trading system! I’ve seen inferior trading systems sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars. This course is of great value.”

Rating:5 star rating

London Academy of Trading course#3. Professional Financial Trading Programme, LAT. (London or Online) $500 – $7000

The London Academy of Trading is the UK’s only accredited trading education provider (accreditations being received from The Association of Business Executives and OFQUAL).

The Professional Financial Trading Programme is the school’s entry-level programme and it’s designed for young professionals wanting to forge a career in the industry.

This is a three-month course available online or at the LAT’s London campus and it covers everything needed to trade in foreign exchange, commodities and stocks. The programme includes real-life trading simulation using Bloomberg and Trading Technologies terminals and this eventually leads to a Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading.

Here’s my review:

“The Professional Financial Trading Programme from LAT stands out because it provides students with all the tools they need to work in the industry. That includes gaining real-time experience with trading simulators and live markets.

When I took my first graduate job as a futures trader I underwent a very similar training process. In fact the course is almost identical to the training I received on the job.”

My Rating:5 star rating

value investing course nick kraakman#4. Value Investing Boot Camp (Online) $197

Nick Kraakman, founder of, starts off this course by advising students to follow a fundamental, value-oriented approach to investing. After all, there are no technical analysts in the Forbes top 500 rich list but there are several value investors.

You can’t argue with Nick’s logic and he has done an excellent job here of picking apart the value investing approach which is based on the tried-and-tested method of Warren Buffett, Ben Graham and Seth Klarman.

He teaches how to find the intrinsic value of a stock, how to manage a portfolio and how to achieve above-average returns. You can tell just by reading Nick’s blog that he knows his stuff and this course is very well laid out and easily digestable.

Here’s what Chris Neubecker had to say:

“It gave me what I wanted and more. Very well presented and very informative. I was a technical analysis trader wondering what value investing was all about. Now I know. I don’t have to reinvent the wheel by reading tons of books on value investing.”

My Rating:5 star rating

stock trading bootcamp#5. Stock Trading Bootcamp (Online) $199

This is a good, comprehensive course on stock trading that is ideal for beginners. The course covers all the important topics such as reading the chart, short selling, and drawing trend-lines.

The course is directed towards shorter-term, technical type trading and it’s put together in a professional, well structured way with over 16 hours of content.

Here’s what Mike Rogers had to say:

“I was a complete novice before starting this tutorial and I was quickly engaged by his speaking and found it very easy to learn from him. Equips you with so much knowledge and many weapons to add to your trading arsenal. Would highly recommend to anyone willing to learn about trading – very well structured and presented!”

My Rating: 5 star rating

How to Beat Wall Street video course, ebook and system code#6. How to Beat Wall Street (Online) $197

OK, so I have to get my course on the list. By taking the HTBWS course you’ll get a broad understanding of fundamentals and macro themes, you’ll learn to optimise risk and see the performance of various trading and investing systems.

You’ll also get the eBook, the Amibroker code and the complete rules for all the systems.

Most importantly, I try to keep the course regularly updated with new material. For example, last week I added a new investing system based on the investment approach of John Templeton. This is a system based on fundamental ratios that can easily be implemented using the simulator at Portfolio123.

Here’s what Glenn Ong had to say:

“Very Thorough and Insightful Knowledge. Personally, I came from a finance background and I really liked the way you clearly explained the concepts and gave very practical strategies to carry out. University should have been like that! Awesome job and keep it up!”

Rating:5 star rating

institute-of-trading-course#7. Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management. (Online) $1,899 – $3,499

If you ever watched the BBC 2 series Million Dollar Traders you’ll probably remember Anton Kreil as the former Goldman Sachs trader who, along with Lex Van Dam, attempted to teach a group of newbies to trade the markets. Kreil is now the managing partner for ITPM which provides three different learning and mentoring options for those who want to trade.

The stock trading course consists of a number of videos by Anton himself and some industry standard spreadsheets that hedge fund traders used to make money in the market.

Although the course is pricey, Anton knows what he’s talking about and this is a high quality course for those interested in the markets.

Here’s what William Smith had to say:

“I completed the one-month course in June with an 84, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the material you covered! There was so much great info that post-test I needed ten days at the beach and a few mixed drinks to dissect 🙂 The PTM is by far the most comprehensive program for traders available and it was worth every penny.”

My Rating:5 star rating

how to trade stock options course#8.How to Trade Stock Options (Online) $895

Travis Wilkerson is the founder of and he specialises in options trading for stocks.

A few years ago, Travis was down on his luck and in debt when he was introduced by a friend to someone who would become his options trading mentor. Travis is now able to pull $500-$1000 a month trading options and says it has turned his life around. In this course he teaches that strategy and firmly believes that investing strategies should be simple, not too complicated.

He also firmly believes in getting the right balance of trader lifestyle and feels that there is no point making more money if you don’t have the time to enjoy it.

Here’s what Corey Clark had to say:

“To be honest, this course may have been one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Words can’t help one fathom how much of a difference it makes when you learn from someone that has a proven blueprint. If they can do it, why can’t you? Or you could take the approach I first did…and spend months learning and applying it…just to not even know if you’re following a good set of rules.”

My Rating: 4-star rating

trading tools course#9. Hacking Financial Markets: Online Tools For Trading & Investing (Online) $29 Free

This is another one of mine. This is a shorter course than How to Beat Wall Street and it aims to introduce traders to a set of free online tools that I use to trade the markets.

You’ll learn how to screen for stocks, where to find economic data, how to use StockTwits and more. I’m making the course free on this blog for a limited time.

Here’s what Scott Duffy had to say:

“Not The Usual “Trading” Course. This course focuses on the online tools available for finding good stocks and back-testing strategies. Went through it in an evening. Well worth it – recommended if you’re looking for some new stock tools for your toolbox! Thanks Joe!”

My Rating:5 star rating

lex van dam stocks course#10.Lex Van Dam. 5-Step Trading Stocks. (Online) $749

Lex Van Dam was the other Goldman Sachs trader involved in the BBC 2 documentary Million Dollar Traders. He’s also been a hedge fund trader for Hampstead Capital since 2007.

In this course Lex looks at idea generation, charts, company analysis, psychology and risk management. In total, there’s around 2.5 hours of high quality material and a 1oo-page workbook.

There’s also a bundle series available where Lex combines his other stock and forex courses into one package.

Lex is regulated by the FCA and maintains a high standard for his courses. He’s also available to answer questions.

Here’s what Trey Harris said:

“I’ve watched Million Dollar Traders’ by Lex van Dam back in 2009 on BBC and finally I’m educating myself by his methodology. It’s a great foundation before I’ll get to more aggressive trading methods!”

My Rating:5 star rating

Learn Amibroker Advanced Amibroker course from Trading Markets#11. Advanced Amibroker Coding. (Online, on-demand) $1000

If you use Amibroker to develop trading systems then this is a highly recommended course that comes from the Amibroker experts at

This course goes over two days and covers many of the more complex procedures in Amibroker such as writing AFL from scratch and using the custom backtester.

You can read a more detailed review of the course here.

* Take 15% Off This Amibroker Course Using The Discount Code: Marwood *

My Rating:5 star rating

cfa equity investment course#12.CFA Level I – Equity Investment. (Online) $49

How would you like to get your CFA Level I Equity Investment curriculum down for just $47?

Well thats what you get from this course which covers one of the most important parts of the CFA Level I Exam with a module weight-age of 10% in Level 1. The CFA charter is considered the gold standard for fund managers, analysts, investment bankers and traders and this module is an important step in gaining the qualification.

It may not cover the nitty gritty of stock trading but it offers all the material from the CFA module. That should make it interesting material for anyone who wants to trade stocks.

My Rating:5 star rating

nicolas darvas study course#13. Nicolas Darvas Home Study Course. (Online/ DVDs) $97

If you haven’t heard of him, Nicolas Darvas was a trader from the 1950s who managed to amass over $2,000,000 in trading profits over a period of around 18 months – all while working at the same time as a travelling circus dancer. It’s a pretty incredible story that Darvas wrote about in his famous book from 1960.

Darvas relied on his own unique trend following strategy where he drew boxes over stock price charts. Whenever a stock broke out of the box he would buy it and whenever the stock fell back into the box he’d get rid of it. It was a simple trend trading technique that worked wonders then and probably still works today.

Despite the slightly old-fashioned presentation, Jim Cox has done a good job of detailing the Darvas box strategy and this DVD course comes with templates, bonus articles and formulas in several formats. Including MetaStock, TradeStation, Wealthlab and Amibroker.

Here’s what David Jenyns said:

“Congratulations Jimmy, this course is one of the most solid trading course I have ever seen. Not many people know but my personal trading system (the one I currently trade to this day) is based the Darvas box trading method. I believe this to be the most powerful, trading method I have ever come across. It’s simple, robust and more importantly incredibly accurate.”

My Rating:4-star rating

swing trading course#14. Swing Trader Guide. (Online/manual) $97

This course on swing trading is designed for those who don’t want to sit in front of a screen all day and it’s for those who want to hold stocks for a couple of days or more.

Although this is a called a course, it’s more like a manual with some video tutorials thrown in.

Extra value is provided with a suite of tools including the Swing Trading Calculator and the Trade Tracker Spreadsheet.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to identify the best stocks to watch for swing trading.
  • How many stocks to trade at any given time to maximize your portfolio and reduce risk.
  • Why the stock indexes are your friend and enemy at the same time.

Here’s what Craig Ferguson said:

“I liked Kevin right from the start and I could tell right away that he was part of the “keeping it real” crowd. I wasn’t going to get any hype. And, I could tell that he wasn’t going to insult my intelligence by showing me a bunch of theories”

My Rating:4-star rating

stock trading ninja course by frank bunn#15. Stock Trading Ninja. (Online) $97

This course from Frank Bunn reveals the trading system that Frank uses to trade stocks.

According to his Udemy profile, Frank is a probabilistic screen trader who began with 100% mechanical systems and has been in the markets since 1996.

Today he has developed an approach where the the trader becomes the ‘system’, intuitively selecting low-risk, high-probability trades.

Here’s what Tony Parzakonis said:

“I have been trading the markets for many years, with mixed success. This course offers a unique perspective on the use of price, the best of all indicators, and traditional but overused methods of technical analysis to create a robust, scaleable, trading methodology.”

My Rating: N/A

penny stock trading course#16. Make Money Online Trading Penny Stocks. (Online) $77

Mubarak Shah is the founder of InPennyStock and he specialises in trading penny stocks.

Although I’m not a big fan of penny stocks myself, I know some people like them so I’ve included this course as it did at least provide some new ideas that I had never thought of. I also thought it was a decent introduction to those who aren’t familiar with what penny stocks are all about.

Mubarak is a genuine teacher and is generous giving away the techniques he uses to trade.

Here’s what Murag Vegdani said:

“This is a great course introducing me to the penny stock market. While it won’t make you an expert, it will motivate you and show you strategies to be successful in the field. Nothing can replace experience though but this will definitely help start you off so you’re not just trading with “dumb luck” and losing the money you put up.”

My Rating:3-star rating

technical analysis course#17. A Beginners Guide to Technical Analysis (Online) $19

Tom Watson has been day trading and swing trading stocks for over 15 years and teaching since 2004.

I haven’t taken this course but for $19 it looks like pretty good value. There’s over 50 videos and 8.5 hours of content covering technical indicators such as candlesticks, MACD, Aroon, moving averages, ADX; basically every technical indicator you’ll probably ever need.

Here’s what Vazgen Badalyan said:

“A very good course! Now I have a much better understanding of technical analysis and technical indicators. However, there seems to be too information from It would have been nice if there were some more personal examples of predicted value of stocks, rather than mostly historical analysis of stocks where indicators have worked.”

My Rating:3-star rating

So there’s my selection of the best stock trading courses for beginners and I hope you find them useful.

Do you have any other stock courses you can recommend? Please share in the comments.

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  1. Great range of courses reviewed here, very comprehensive. I also want to thank you for the inclusion of the free courses!

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    • Reply and are free and IMO the best courses out there! Oh and did I say they are free 🙂

    • Yes, I talk about TastyTrade and Dough on my free course (lecture 23). Mainly directed towards options though.

    • Tommy

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    • Reply

    wait, travis from tradingtravis only makes $500/$1000 a month on options. Am I reading this right?

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