As mentioned in the previous post, we do not have a lot of faith in the market at present. Many indicators are flashing red but stock markets continue to rally thanks to the backdrop of loose monetary policy.

Even so we will stick to our trading strategies and hope to find alpha in un-correlated opportunities. It should be another interesting week and non-farm payrolls could prove to be a big event.

Below are the setups we are watching this week: Read more »

Global stock markets are currently experiencing extreme volatility with the S&P 500 dropping almost -8% over the last four days.

Stocks have continued to fall in Asia and Europe this morning and there is no doubt that this shakeout is a serious one, with the potential to continue for some time. Read more »

Last week’s picks produced a marginal profit, with positive returns for our value pick Valero Energy and our short pick Nu-Skin Enterprises. Our short-term reversal pick Disney Inc. saw a small loss, though the stock is still a buy according to the system rules. Read more »