FXeeda forex signalsIf you are new to the forex markets you may not be aware of what an expert advisor, or EA, is. If you do know then you might be interested to learn of the new forex signal provider FXeeda.

FXeeda are basically a group of programmers committed to providing profitable forex signals to ordinary traders. What’s more, they are providing their EA completely free of charge.

What is an expert advisor?

An expert advisor is essentially a forex trading system designed to be used on the MetaTrader 4 trading platform. EA’s offer several advantages to traders, not least the ability for automated trading. They are able to calculate indicators, position size and other metrics in the blink of an eye which means once the EA is set up you are pretty much free to do whatever you want. They eliminate the emotions involved in trading which can never be understated when trading the forex markets.

FXeeda forex signals

FXeeda have a unique way of providing forex signals. Signals are sent via their API or EA and are listed live on their website using a clock-based icon that shows when to buy, when to sell and when to go flat. These are the same signals that the FXeeda team take themselves and that means transparency – if the signals dont make money, FXeeda dont make money.

What set’s FXeeda apart is that they are not selling anything. Their team of traders and coders are currently providing top of the range forex signals for no cost and they do so because they want to educate people about how to trade forex. A quick look at their results page shows the excellent year that their signals had in 2013.

Installing the EA

Running the expert advisor from FXeeda.com is straightforward, since the scripts are provided free on the website. It’s simply a matter of copying the code and pasting it into MetaEditor in MT4 and saving as an EA. The advisor can then be turned on and run in real time, just like any other EA.

If you are new to expert advisors or forex, why not set up a demo account with MetaTrader and set up the FXeeda EA. Play around with it and you will learn how expert advisors work and you will be able to see how it performs in real time.

I have worked with the guys at FXeeda and can vouch for their integrity, they are always happy to help so if you have any problems or questions just throw them a question and they will get back to you with their thoughts. Good luck.


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