Amibroker is a powerful trading program used by professional investors all over the world. But learning Amibroker can be a struggle, particularly if you have no prior background in programming.

Learning from books and online forums can be cost-effective but time consuming. And one major drawback is whether or not you are learning the program according to Best Practice. This is extremely important in trading system design since learning the wrong method could lead to severe financial loss.

An effective way to learn Amibroker according to best practice is to take one of the courses from Connors Research, who have years of experience programming Amibroker and building trading systems. Connors Research are the brains behind Trading Markets.

Amibroker courses

learn amibroker course introduction to amibroker programmingThe Introduction to Amibroker course, taught by Matt Radtke, goes through all of the Amibroker essentials that you need to know such as loading historical data, learnings arrays, learning how the AFL language works, and how to run back-tests and scans.

It also provides a number of useful PDFs and templates, constructed in the correct, best practice method. Use the discount code MARWOOD to get 15% off the listed price.


Advanced amibroker coding trading marketsThe Advanced Amibroker course, (also taught by Matt Radtke), goes into the more complex side of Amibroker and deals with topics such as scaling, hedging, lookup, trace, optimisation and using the Custom Backtester Interface (CBT).

The end goal being the development of your own market-beating trading model. Use the discount code MARWOOD to get 15% off the listed price.


introduction and advanced course trading marketsCombined Amibroker course If you are to purchase one of the TM courses I recommend this one. This course combines the introduction and advanced courses but you get a 10% discount by taking them together.

If you use the discount code MARWOOD, you’ll then get another 15% off on top of that.  Support from the TM team is also included in the price and should be taken full advantage of in my opinion to get the most out of the course.

Click here to take the Amibroker Combined course.

These Amibroker courses are sold as recorded webinars. They are not cheap but they are substantial in length and include everything you need to become an advanced Amibroker user (including code templates and best practice programming methods). Support is available and advised. If you have any questions or queries you are free to ring the team on 888-484-8220 ext. 3, 9am-5pm ET, M-F. (or 973-494-7311 ext 3, if outside the U.S.)