Best stocks to watch this week

Traders have their work cut out for them this week and significant volatility could be in store. Not only will we see interest rate decisions from the ECB, BOE, RBA and Bank of Canada, traders will also be watching US non farm payrolls on Friday.

However, all that could be overshadowed by events in Eastern Europe, which have escalated significantly over the weekend.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has deployed Russian forces to the Crimean peninsula and war is an increasingly terrifying prospect. Just as in 2008, when Russia came to blows with Georgia, stocks could drop early next week and oil could surge. Natural gas could also go higher if Russia choose to close off any pipelines.

As a result, the best stocks to watch this week will be based on those companies reporting earnings, this should help insulate us from stock market volatility.

Carmike Cinemas Inc (CKEC)

Carmike ($CKEC) are a solid company and were one of my better picks of 2013. I like the look of their financials. PEG is good at 0.47, current ratio 2.50 and PE is just 5.67. ROE is an impressive 51.1% and EPS for the past 5 years is 21.2%. Technically, the stock is already advanced but earnings could give the stock a boost. Stop should be kept tight.

Carmike cinemas best stocks to watch this week

HCI Group Inc (HCI)

HCI have been doing well with the property recovery in the States and they should report another good quarter on Tuesday. The financial stats are good; low PE and HCI have been growing EPS at nearly 60% for the past 5 years. Stop can be placed at $43.

HCI best stocks to watch this week

Air Transport Services Group (ATSG)

ATSG makes the list of best stocks to watch this week, it’s looking cheap after dropping 25% so far in 2014 already. They report earnings on Wednesday and going by other airline services ATSG could do well. Stop can be placed at $5.80 to limit downside.

ATSG best stocks to watch this week

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