Sluggish growth and anaemic inflation has seen global commodity prices fall steadily in value since 2008. Because of this, and with stock markets reaching new record highs in 2017, commodity trading has gone out of fashion.

Yet in the past, commodities have provided a good source of returns for both investors and active traders. Furthermore, there is evidence to suggest that commodities can provide less volatile returns than some stocks. Read more »

SP 500 and wti oil correlation
At the time of writing, WTI crude oil futures were trading at around $55 a barrel, the lowest level in five years and almost 50% lower than their June high of $107.85

The drop in oil has been fierce and comes amid an economic slowdown in China and a concerted effort by OPEC to maintain low prices, in a bid to compete with the booming US shale market.

Article Updated 12.22.14

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