Well after four days of solid gains, stock markets finished in the red again yesterday as the price of crude oil collapsed, dropping 2.4%. I have to admit I didn’t see oil falling as much as it has done. I’ve always been somewhat of a perma-bull when it comes to energy and the dwindling global reserves of the black stuff.

Anyway, I only have one oil explorer in the portfolio so my other stocks will hopefully balance out the volatility. And I was pleased to see $PKG jump over 10% on Tuesday.

Course updates and news

This week I added two new lectures to Marwood Research.

New course

I’m also in the middle of completing a new course with the provisional title: Online Tools For Trading & Investing.

It’s a beginners type course that shows how to use a number of freely available online tools. Tools like StockTwits, Oanda FX, TweetDeck and the Thinkorswim trading platform. I imagine it’ll be online next week and I’ll probably keep it free for the first week or so.

More news

As well as the new course I’ve had a couple of ideas about a new stock trading game. I’m thinking a game would be a good way to have some fun in the markets and learn how to trade stocks without risking any money.

This may entail setting up a new site, so keep an eye out for that and if anyone wants to help out let me know.


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