In a new section for this blog, I have decided to start a series of posts called ‘Friday’s finance links’. Every Friday, I post some of the best links to finance websites and articles that I have found for the previous week.

Friday’s finance links:

Super rich: The greed game – Excellent video from BBC’s Robert Peston about the financial crisis and the super rich. – Operated by experienced trader Steve Burns, this site is updated frequently and has lots of good tips. I particularly like the round-up of tweets from live traders.

Time to hedge? – Interesting article on Seeking Alpha, is it time to hedge?

Value stock screener – Awesome stock screening tool from Old School Value. Net Net Working Capital stocks doing very well.

Volatile stocks – This week’s most volatile stocks on Finviz. Check out $LCUT and $ATV

20k Project – Shout out to spokey, making money in the Australian stock market

10 best gold miners – Larry Edelson always has something interesting to say on the Money and Markets site. This time it’s gold miners.

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