There are plenty of online finance courses available on Udemy. Some are incredible, some are good, but some are useless. My feeling is that the standard will just get higher and higher as more instructors migrate to the service.

The idea of this post is to list some of the financial, trading and stock market courses available that might help you to improve your skill-set.

Many of these courses are opted in to Udemy site-wide promotions, which means at certain times of the year, Udemy slaps on some heavy discounts.

So keep this page bookmarked, and when a course drops in price, be ready to snap it up. (That’s what I do).

In fact, Udemy are running a site-wide promotion right now.

Udemy Online Finance Courses

how to beat wall street udemy course#1 – How to Beat Wall Street: 30+ Trading Strategies

My own course, How to Beat Wall Street now includes over 30 original stock trading strategies and ideas. This a course that I have updated several times and now includes over 12 hours of content.

trend following for stocks

#2 – Trend Following For Stocks: Complete Trading System

Trend Following For Stocks is a complete trading system for following trends in stocks. The course included trend following education, video tutorials and secrets. The full system rules are provided so anyone with an interest in trading can get started trading the big trends.

value investing rules

#3 – Value Investing Rules: How to Pick Cheap Stocks

Value Investing Rules is my newest course on Udemy which reveals the full details of the Marwood Value System. This is a mechanical investing strategy that uses financial ratios and momentum to pick the best stocks in the market. Backtests show very strong annualised returns.

black algo trading course#4 – Black Algo Trading: Build Your Own Trading Robot

This is a good course from Lucas Liew, who is an expert in trading robots and spends a lot of time updating and responding to student questions on the course dashboard.

This course is a good example of why Udemy is so powerful; because teachers can update their courses and provide their expert knowledge directly to students. Keep an eye on this course and snap it up whenever it’s being offered for a discount.

forex robots#5 – Forex Robots: Make 175% Profit. Forex Robot Included.

Although a seemingly unrealistic title, this is another interesting course about trading robots, this time in the forex markets. Kirill Eremenko delivers over 38 lectures in this course and shows the performance and optimisation techniques for working with robots in the forex space.

value investing bootcamp#6 – Value Investing Bootcamp – Learn to Invest Your Money Wisely

This course from Value Spreadsheet creator Nick Kraakman rarely gets included in the Udemy big discount promotions but it’s a good one. Nick goes through the qualities and skills that are needed for successful value investing and he does so in an engaging and comprehensive 25 lecture course.

elite trend trader#7 – Elite Trend Trader

A stock trading course from instructor Frank Bunn, Elite Trend Trader contains over 4 1/2 hours of content and is a complete trading strategy for trading the markets. This is another course that can be had at a tasty discount when the Udemy promotions are going on.

interpreting finance ratios#8 – Interpreting Financial Statements

This course teaches the Wall Street methods for interpreting financial statements. The course shows step-by-step instructions to gather financial information, input it in to Microsoft Excel, perform a standard financial analysis and understand the results.

forex robot#9 – Algorithmic Trading In Forex: Create Your First Forex Robot!

Another course from Kirill Eremenko who is a forex systems expert and data analytics professional. This course is a short introduction to forex robots, ideal for those with no prior knowledge. Best to pick this one up during a Udemy promotion.

penny stock trading course#10. Penny Stock Trading: Analyzing the Most Profitable Stocks

A course all about penny stocks, how to find them and how to trade them for quick profits. The course goes through low float stocks, advanced technical analysis and important financial information. You might not learn a huge amount from this course because it’s short. But it might be worth picking up when reduced in price.

cfa level i course#11 – CFA Level I – Equity Investments

Learn from Industry Experts. This module of CFA Level I Preparatory guide covers one of the most important part of CFA Level I Exam “Equity Investments”. The CFA charter is an elite designation. It is considered the gold standard within the investment profession, and its typical candidates include fund managers, analysts, investment bankers, portfolio managers and traders.

value investing course 2#12. Learn To Make Money In Stocks – A Value Investing Approach

An investing course that covers the basics of the stock market, the analysis of financial statements and stock selection using 5 methods of screening. Also looks at auto-pilot and special situations strategies. Quick course to pick up on a discount.

wall street course#13. Trading. From Wall Street to Your Street

This course covers the basics of stock trading and options trading and contains 5 1/2 hours of content. Using a step-by-step guide the course looks at low risk, high momentum, high probability trades.

how to trade options#14 – Learn Options Trading Online

One thing you won’t find on my course is much information about options because I rarely trade them. Learn Options Trading Online comes from Travis Wilkerson. The course itself is a bit long-winded but beginners might

comprehensive forex master program

#15 – Comprehensive Forex Mastery Program

This is a very detailed course from forex trader Jared Passey. Passey is an authentic teacher and knows his stuff inside out. This course contains over 10 hours of material and is useful for forex traders of all levels.

lucas moschini stocks course#16. How to Find and Trade Stocks Successfully

How to Find and Trade Stocks Successfully from Luca Moschini offers a series of courses based on the visual power of Japanese candlesticks. In this course you will learn the best times to trade the market, what stocks are tradable and what are not tradable, as well as scanning techniques to find stocks to trade.

stock crash#17. How to Spot a Stock Market Crash

Travis Wilkerson is the creator of the earlier course in stock options trading and on this course he takes us on a tour of the four stages of a stock market crash. The course contains two hours of video and is a good one to pick up during a Udemy promotion.

investing 101 course#18 – Investing 101 : Make Money Online by Investing in Stocks

This course contains 46 lectures and claims to teach you how to build a $1 million net worth. This course is offered at a good price and updated regularly with new content.

lex van dam trader series#19 – 5-Step Trading Stock Series

Lex Van Dam is a hedge fund trader who appeared in a popular TV series on UK television called Million Dollar Traders. This course is one of his products, however, it is not often offered on a promotion.

pick stocks#20. How to Pick Stocks

This is a short course on how to pick stocks from Wall Street analyst Robert Fernandez. The course contains two hours of video and 20 lectures. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what it’s like but might be worth picking up at some point.

etf trading course#21. Basics of ETF Investing

A short course offering an introduction to the basics of ETF’s and how to invest in them. By the end of the course you will be able to apply this knowledge by reviewing specific ETF’s and how they can be used in a portfolio. The course will take around one hour to complete.

stock trading ninja#22 – Stock Trading Ninja

This is another trading course from Frank Bunn with nearly 3000 students having taken the course.  The course includes all the software and rules for locating a high percentage of winning trades using eSignal or TC2000.

97 percent of trades course#23. How to Win 97% of Your Trades

On this options trading course from Jeff Tomkins, Jeff shows the profits he has made from his trading strategies then details how to put them in to practice.

dividend investing course#24. Dividend Investing. Generate cash-flow with dividends

This is the course if you want to create a passive income using dividends, or if you’re thinking about a safe and secure retirement fund. Over 1700 students have taken this course and it has a good level of feedback on Udemy.

chad tennant investing fundamentals#25. Investing: Stocks, Bonds, Funds, Financial Markets and More.

This is a comprehensive course covering all the fundamentals of investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. This course is kept up to date and delivered in bite-sized chunks. The curriculum addresses the appetite that many people have for learning about personal finance with a focus on investing. Course content is kept simple and neatly arranged so that you get a comprehensive understanding of financial and investment concepts.

foundations of options trading course AIE#26. Foundations of Options Trading and Investing

Andrew Baxter, founder of Australian Investment Education (AIE) delivers this course on options trading and investing which is priced at just $1 at the time of writing. What do you get for $1? A structured, introduction to financial concepts that will save you a lot of time if you need it.

technical analysis bundle#27. Master “Technical Analysis and Chart reading skills” Bundle

This bundle covers two courses: technical analysis and volume analysis. It studies the psychology of technical analysis and why they work 60 to 70% of the time. There are several categories of technical analysis – Price indicators, Support and Resistance levels, Momentum indicators, Volume indicators, Oscillators and Statistical price movement indicators introduced here.

forex watchers course#28. Forex Watchers. Trader Program

4+ hours of content. Forex Watcher’s mission is to make other people as passionate about forex trading as they are and this is the same program used to train Traders at ForexWatchers who were ranked highly on FXStreet for two years in a row. A good course, laid out well and some times included in Udemy site-wide discount promotions.

hedge fund trading system#29. Hedge Fund Trading System

The instructor of hedge fund trading system admits to making some losses but now trades profitably. There are at least a few dozen of trend-following hedge funds that use the same approach to make money on the financial markets.

fx breakout course#30. Forex Breakout Profits: The Definitive Guide

This course will teach you how instructor Justin Bennett trades two very simple breakout strategies that have been extremely profitable since 2011. The patterns and trading strategies taught here are easy to learn and can be applied by anyone, regardless of trading experience.

pair trade stocks#31. How to Successfully Pair Trade Stocks

From PairTradeFinder, this course is about trading 2 highly correlated stocks, for example take 2 similar stocks Coca Cola(KO) and Pepsi(PEP), because they run very similar businesses their stock prices often move in a very similar fashion.

This is also called being ‘market neutral’ since you’re not trying to guess the direction of the market or a stock, rather you make money betting on the relationship between 2 similar stocks, which is far more predictable than the outright direction of a market.

corporate valuation course#32. Corporate Valuation: How to Value Companies & Mergers

This intensive online course is designed to explore corporate valuation skills used by investment bankers and finance practitioners. The course teaches how to value companies for situations such as initial public offerings (IPO), general investing, leveraged buyouts (LBO), and mergers and acquisitions.

Over 17 hours of content is included in this high quality and comprehensive course. Includes real life case studies and examples and is well worth picking up.

excel course#33. Microsoft Excel 2013 Advanced. Online Excel Training Course

Every good trader uses Excel. By the completion of this computer based advanced Excel training video for Microsoft Excel 2013, you will be comfortable with many of the advanced features and functions that this powerful spreadsheet software from Microsoft has to offer.

real estate investing courseBonus #1 Real Estate Investing & Cash Flows To Earn Wealth

Pretty much what it says in the title. This course is all about real estate investing and generating income from property. It’s 10 hours of content and is on my wish-list.

DCF valuation courseBonus #2 Build a DCF Valuation Model

From Wall Street Prep, which was set up by ex JP Morgan bankers. These 44 lectures show you how to construct a discounted-cash-flow model in Excel from scratch.

seth godin freelancer courseBonus #3 Seth Godin: Freelancer Course

It’s not really about finance but I’m a big fan of Seth Godin and I found great value in his Freelancer course. Easy to digest and well worth the money if you’re an entrepreneur or freelancer.

Thanks for reading this list of online finance courses from Udemy!

Have fun, and please share…

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