Unsurprisingly, a lot of share market software free downloads are available as free trials for more expensive subscription based products such as charting or back-testing solutions. Some of these may even be white label products.

I’ve come across a handful of decent software downloads in my time and I’ve scoured the Internet looking for the best open source downloads as well as trial products.

Share market software free downloads:

intelicharts share market software free downloadIntelicharts

Intelicharts provides free historical and intraday data for over 20 countries, charting software technical indicators and pattern recognition software.

The key feature from Intelicharts is the predictive software. It uses both time series forecasting and neural networks to predict where the market’s going next.


Statmetrics is a free app for stock traders and investors. It needs Java but will run on most systems. The software has lots of charting methods and can get quite deep in terms of quantitative measures.

Stock Spy

Stock Spy has a cool idea in that it monitors several stocks at a time utilising RSS. It can then suggest possible buys straight to your computer and also send alerts when it might be time to sell. You can’t rely on Stock Spy (some of the news can be unreliable) but it is a great free tool.

jstock share market software free downloadJ Stock

J Stock is a free, open source program that allows you to track your investments with ease. It has charts, technical indicators and data that goes back around 10 years.

You can set up watch-lists over several different countries, track your net worth and follow exchange rates too.


NinjaTrader is an award winning trading and charting platform. I’ve never actually used it but I know a lot of people swear by NinjaTrader. The software can be download for free but for the more advanced features you will have to pay.


ChartNexus is another stock tracker, portfolio manager and charting application. The share market software free download is quick to install and another good feature is the ability to see how others are trading.


Open-source algo trading platform with a robust architecture that allows quantitative trading systems.

Eclipse Trader

Again, I haven’t used Eclipse Trader yet but it promises level II market/depth so that should be worth exploring. It’s an exchange analysis system with news and quotes.

Premium Markets

Another free open-source program, this one allows you to create your own technical indicators and combine more than 100 popular indicators together.

QT Bitcoin Trader

If you are into bitcoins, this free software can be downloaded and connects to some of the main bitcoin exchanges.

More share market software free download resources:

As you can see, a lot of the best free stock market software is open source. Take a look here for more financial open source software from Sourceforge and see this forum post too.

And to see an extensive list of my favourite tools and books make sure to check out the resources page.

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