Stock markets fell this week, led by financials, conglomerates and technology. Semiconductors fell heavily on Wednesday after a number of analyst downgrades took their effect.

Analysts are now calling for lower profits over the next few quarters, citing weaker economic data and a stronger dollar.

Here are some interesting charts and stocks to ponder over the weekend:

Recent Sector Performance

Recent sector performance for US shares, weekly, monthly and yearly. Healthcare leading the way this month but down on the week. Basic materials the worst performing sector but held steady this week and should do well if oil climbs higher. Consumer goods might be a good bet since the sector should also benefit from lower oil.

sector performance

China’s Demographic Disaster In Waiting

Schwab Insights carries a number of interesting infographics and analysis. This is a comparison of China’s demographic situation with Japan using forecasted data from the UN. More data is needed, but from this chart it does not look good for China. Will the nation experience the same lost decade(s)?

china's demographic problem

Src: Schwab Insights

3 Stocks With High Insider Buying + High Short Float

These 3 stocks were the only candidates after a stock screen looking for stocks with a high amount of insider buying (over 30%) and a high short float (over 30%).

Stocks with high insider buying and high short floats could potentially experience rapid short squeezes and see their stock prices appreciate. Papa Murhpy’s ($FRSH), however, is already near it’s highs.

frsh stock chart

vvus stock chart

wrld stock chart

The US Housing Bubble In One Chart

Is housing in another bubble? This chart suggests so. However, housing has been climbing from a very low base so the relationship is not as clear as one chart may suggest.

housing bubble chart

Src: RealtyTrac

3 Stocks With Unusual Volume + New High

Following are three stocks that hit new highs last week and experienced unusual volume. These may be ones to watch. Kraft ($KRFT) surged higher last week after Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway made a deal to merge the company with RJ Heinz.

Could these stocks be good short candidates next week?

kraft stock chart

olin corp

oxm chart

What stocks are you looking at over the weekend?


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