It’s been a week of extremes so far. As soon as markets had plunged on Monday morning there was a sense that the worst was already over. The euro stayed resilient and we did not need to wait long to see US stocks retrace off their lows.

Of course, the Greek situation is not over and there could be plenty of volatility around the corner, but I would not bet against new highs again.

What I’ve been reading:

trading thalesians saeed amenThis week I’ve been reading Trading Thalesians by Saeed Amen. This is not your usual trading book. The author delves into Greek philosophers (such as Thales) to see what we can learn from their ancient wisdom. Cue chapter titles such as ‘water as risk‘ and ‘Thales: a polymath of the ancient world‘.

Fortunately, Amen is not only a philosophy student but also a quant and he provides enough real-world examples and advice for system traders to make this a worthwhile read.

This week’s links:

Greece is tiny and insignificant, that’s according to Jim Rogers who feels the country should go bankrupt and start over.

The biggest deal between two insurance companies (Chubb and ACE) in US history.

Another interesting podcast from BetterSystemTrader, this time with Ernie Chan in the chair.

Climate change deniers blame global warming on nature. This NASA data begs to differ.

Why I bought Greek stocks today (NB: not me, some other guy).

Interview of a private investigator of hedge funds.

What’s the biggest bubble? China Vs. Nasdaq?


That’s all for this week, have a good weekend folks.




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