I have been busy working on trading strategies and have not traded much this week. I continue to view the markets as fragile at this point and see potential for more volatility caused by continued turmoil in Greece, China, and now Puerto Rico.

According to Seeking Alpha, the island nation is expected to default on $58 million worth of bond payments over the coming days. Such events as these may not be hugely significant to the US economy, but they can contribute to uncertainty among investors.

Technically, stocks have been in a choppy trading range for much of 2015 and these have been difficult conditions for most investors and traders. I am happy to have some capital in cash and will re-allocate as opportunities arrive.

This week’s charts:

How good companies can begin during all types of market conditions:

great companies are started in all times chart

Global stock market performance for 2015. Interesting to note China is still the top performer:

world stock market performance in 2015 chart

src: Wolf Richter via SA

Here are this week’s links:

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That’s all. Have a good weekend 🙂



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