On this page you’ll find some of the trading tools, websites and books that have helped me on my journey.

These are the tools and services that I use the most in my trading. Where possible I have used my own affiliate links – any purchase you make helps to support this site.

Trading Tools I Trust:

FINVIZ*Elitefinviz elite logo

#1. For Charts, Screens And Analysis

Finviz stands for financial visualizations and I use it every day without fail. I’s an incredible website where you can screen for stocks, look at heat maps and see what’s been happening in the markets. Although most of the features are available for free,  I actually recommend paying a little extra for Finviz*Elite.

For around $25 a month you get access to real-time stock quotes and data (including pre-market data), advanced technical charts (including intraday charts), sophisticated visualisations and correlation algorithms. If you are interested in intraday and pre-market charts, this is a great value service.

Finviz*Elite has the most powerful stock screener online with a huge amount of filters and now comes with a back-tester where you can simulate strategies on 10,000 stocks. I highly recommend Finviz*Elite and it is by far and away my favourite trading tool!

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Amibrokeramibroker logo resources page

#1. For Backtesting

The Finviz back-tester is OK for testing out ideas but for serious back-testing you need something slightly more powerful. I tried lots of different options when I was looking for a back-testing software and the best was Amibroker. Incredibly, it was also the most affordable.

You can do almost anything you want with Amibroker, from running 20 year backtests on historical data, to portfolio optimisations, walk-foward analysis and automated trading. It’s an incredibly fast and flexible solution. The programming language (AFL) can be a little difficult at first but it’s worth the effort once you’ve learnt the basics.

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Norgate Premium DataPremium data historical data provider

#1. For Historical Data

Once you have back-testing software the next thing you need is some clean and reliable data. Free stock data, from sources like Yahoo and Google, is so full of holes it can be damaging to your wealth so it is imperative to pay some money for a good provider.

Norgate Premium Data has an experienced team dedicated to keeping their data clean and up to date. There’s several different packages of historical data available and they’re compatible with many platforms including Amibroker, MetaStock, Trading Blox and TradeStation.

I use Premium Data for back testing all of my trading systems and am very happy with the quality and the service. Norgate is soon to roll out a package that includes historical constituents and this is an incredibly helpful feature for dealing with survivorship-bias.

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Quantpediaquantpedia logo

#1. For Trading Ideas

As a trader, you should be spending as much time as possible looking for new trading ideas and that’s why Quantpedia is so powerful.

The website contains an impressive collection of quantitative trading strategies and comes from the same people behind Finviz. The service contains over 300 different trading strategies many of which are pulled from academic papers and finance journals.

I’m a fully paid up member and many of my most profitable trades have been thanks to strategies I found on Quantpedia. See my full review of Quantpedia here.

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Trading Books

Looking for book recommendations? Check out my list of 100 Favourite Trading Books.