A completely unrelated picture of some mountainsAre you ready for the weekend? Spring has just about arrived in my neck of the woods and I’m looking forward to getting out of the city for a change.

Looking at yesterday’s markets and there’s plenty going on. The vote for Scottish Independence is currently being decided and the results will be in sometime in the morning. The British pound has been moving up as traders speculate that the ‘no’ vote will prevail but at the moment it is too tight to call. Buying the pound was a great risk:reward trade yesterday as a Scottish break away had already been somewhat priced in. However, the value has probably gone now.

If Scotland votes Yes then the pound is going to drop but I don’t agree it will plummet to 1.40, more like 1.60. If the people vote No we will see a decent rally to 1.67.

Here’s some reading (and watching) for the weekend:

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That’s all for now. Be lucky.




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