bird in raglanGooday.

Went down to the supermarket and picked up a great bottle of red that comes from the Hawkes Bay region.

Going to soak in some more of the late evening rays then head off to a local restaurant for dinner.

Blimey, it sounds like I’m on holiday. I’m not by the way!

Looking at the markets, the portfolio had a decent week, $FF is finally starting to come round and $CPA too. But my stock picks from Monday aren’t looking too great. Anyway…

Here’s this week’s links:

Good article from Damodaran about Amazon.

The Turtle Trading System – up 94% this year.

The mysterious Japanese day trader who moves more than 1 million.

A new trading blog I found called Northman Trader.

What the?? Arbitrage traders have moved into online ads?

Finally… Another largely pointless but moderately interesting article from Market Watch about Tesla.

Have you come across anything interesting this week? Share in the comments please!


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  1. Thanks for the link. Great website!

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