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It’s been a pretty quiet week. Stock markets are at record highs but volume is low and trading ranges are tight. I would not be surprised if we see another dip before the uptrend can resume.

$HP reported this week, the company missed estimates for earnings but beat on revenue. The stock is looking pretty cheap now, I may even write an article about it.

Here’s this week’s links:

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Bruce Greenwald investing series Part 1.

US stocks are now the most overbought.

Apple is bigger than Russia, Italy and Singapore combined.

Warren Buffett indicator shows market is overvalued.

This week’s quote:

“Watching the tape all day on TV, your computer, or at your broker`s office is a good sign that you are hooked on trading and may be over leveraged. Leveraged traders need to watch every trade; their money is depending on the prices going their way. You do not want to be that person.”

– Jim Rogers.

More next week. Have a great weekend.


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