the news alain de bottonSpent a couple of nights off grid and picked up Alain De Botton’s latest book The News.

Here’s a little nugget from the inside flap: “The News occupies the same dominant position in modern society as religion once did, but we rarely consider its impact on us.”

And here’s another from inside the book: “In its stoking of our fears, the news cruelly exploits our weak hold on a sense of perspective.”

There’s a bit about financial news too: “To write up the goings-on in businesses only in economic terms, to sum up an entire company as being +1.20 or to compress the experiences of 8,000 people into a turnover of 375,776 seems as limited as reducing a novel of the complexity of Pride and Prejudice to a ledger of the characters’ bank accounts.”

Amazing, I had never questioned the news properly before reading this book.

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