tape-jesse-livermore-trading-rulesStock markets finished the week lower as turmoil in Iraq threatened to spill over into financial markets. With so many indicators at extreme levels there is real potential for volatility this week.

Traders will also be mindful of a number of important economic announcements. There will be CPI data out of the US and Eurozone, BOE meeting minutes, a rate decision from the Swiss central bank and of course… the all important FOMC meeting on Thursday. Hold on to your hats.

This week’s links:

PIMCO trader Mohammed El-Erian’s take on the current VIX and complacency debate.

Why Chuck Carnevale has no fear of a market correction right now.

And neither does David Alton Clark.

A guide to Benjamin Graham’s intrinsic value formula.

All your economic data needs from Economagic.com

Watching the World Cup? Here’s Goldman Sachs World Cup predictions. (I have Netherlands at 24/1).


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