profit-jesse-livermore-trading-rulesWith many indicators still at extreme levels I am mostly in cash. Meanwhile, $XLE (Energy Sector ETF) has moved into overbought, almost parabolic territory. Might be a good time to go short.

As well, I have been pleased with my position in UK company $MGGT.L which is up 10% since my purchase at the beginning of the month. What will happen to markets this week? Here’s some links for your reading pleasure.

– Is this when the bear growls? CFA Eric Parnell believes the dawn of a new quarter could be the catalyst for a correction.

– Ten facts about current market conditions.

– Nice video of Warren Buffett on How to Read Stocks.

– My new audiobook released on Amazon audible and iTunes.

– Some great advice on this Reddit thread from a penny stock promoter.

That’s all for now. More next week.

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