Last Week’s Picks*:

VA: FCX +7.46%
SE: ADBE -2.06%
TF: TTWO -0.04%
SS: KKD -1.26%

Other mentions:

HPP +2.48%, CCXI +28.57%, LJPC +45.90%.

Last week was a good one for the picks and a good one for me personally. Although the VIX never made it to the level I was looking at to initiate a buy in the S&P 500, I did make a trade in the index anyway, shortly before the FOMC meeting. This was based off of another strategy I read on Quantpedia (Federal Reserve Effect) and helped me pick up a very welcome +150 points.

The small cap, volume strategy that I’ve been looking at also did well last week with solid gains from $HPP and an impressive return for $CCXI. I will write up this strategy some time in the new year.

$LJPC also soared although I did not include this in my main selection from last week.

stock picks results

Markets winding down

With the holidays approaching, markets are likely to be quiet so I won’t be picking any individual stocks this week.

I do have an eye on $JRJC which is reporting earnings but I won’t be making any plays just yet.

Santa Claus rally

I may consider a short-term long position in one of the main indexes on December 23 of 24 in order to take advantage of the Santa Claus rally.

However, with markets having already advanced from last week’s lows I may well leave it this year. It will depend how stocks perform on Monday and Tuesday.




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