Last Week’s Picks*:

last weeks stock picks results

CLNE: -8.99%
CYTX: -0.89%
MU: -7.08%
GSM: +4.20%

A difficult week for the stock picks as stock markets put in a poor performance over the week. In many ways, the pullback should have been expected after indices broke to new highs in the week previous, making them susceptible to counter trend strategies.

The small cap discretion strategy picked out CLNE and I would not be surprised if the stock rebounds next week to move back into profit. The stock still has a lot of bullish potential.

Meanwhile, the unusual volume strategy picked out GSM and this gave me a nice profit for the week. As always, the stock picks are here for you to pick and choose. You should not take every signal, but just watch and trade as you see fit.

Here are this week’s stock picks:

Extreme Discount

Net 1 UEPS Technologies Inc. $UEPS

UEPS is a South African payment solutions provider trading on US exchanges with a link to Uber.

The company recently announced that it would be handling all of Uber’s payment transactions in South Africa using it’s proprietary VCpay mobile application.

The stock has a compelling set of financial criteria with low price earnings multiples, low price-to-book and high levels of cash. It was discovered this week by the Extreme Discount system.

ueps stock pick

Small Cap Discretion

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. $CLNE

I am sticking with Clean Energy Fuels this week which was discovered last week by the Small Cap Discretion strategy.

The stock jumped higher recently on heavy volume but has now given up some of those gains. This should give investors another opportunity to buy and the stock now has a 100% bullish rating on StockTwits. Stops can be held just below $5.

clne stock picks

Trend Followers

Foot Locker Inc. $FL

Shares in Foot Locker jumped sharply higher on Friday and the stock was one of only a handful to make new 52-week highs as most stock markets finished the week in the red.

The uptick comes after the company reported a 10% increase in total sales and a 25% increase in net income. The stock has a lot of good news going for it right now and momentum could keep the shares moving higher again this week.

foot locker stock pick

Penny Stock Pick

Oncolytics Biotech Inc. $ONCY

Penny stock traders should keep an eye on Oncolytics Biotech Inc. this week which trades under a dollar and recently experienced a sharp breakout.

The stock is not without risk but any sign of upward movement could be latched on to by bullish traders. The stock has a 95% bullish sentiment rating on StockTwits.

oncy stock picks chart

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*Hypothetical results. Commissions and slippage not applied.

Disclosure: I am long CLNE.

Additional disclaimer: Please be aware of the usual risks to trading in financial instruments. Please remember the importance of doing your own research and understand the cost to trade including trading commissions and the bid:ask spread.


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