It’s been another busy week for traders who have had to deal with economic data, Federal Reserve comments, Greek election concerns and US earnings.

The VIX has continued on it’s rocky path upwards while crude oil somehow managed to jump over 7% on Friday.

I have a decent amount of exposure to oil now and for once, my stocks have held quite steady, despite some nasty downward moves in other sectors, particularly tech and banks.

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Markets were not looking good on Monday morning when news broke of Greece’s election result and Greek markets were the poorest performers of the week. In truth, US markets seem to have taken more displeasure to earnings and data than Greek woes.

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This Week’s Links

Here are some things that have caught my eye this week:

Howard Bandy’s new book Quantitative Technical Analysis.

Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the US.

Spain growing at fastest rate in 7 years.

5 Excel Tricks.

Amazon’ story: Speech from Jeff Bezos.

SCAM ALERT: Possibly the most ridiculous scam video I’ve ever seen. (If you don’t know what a scam looks like watch this. I won’t be offended if you don’t).

3 Chemical Companies Graham Would Appreciate.

That’s all for this week… Have a good one.


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