Following are some of the most interesting trading and investing stories that I have come across on the web this week:

This hedge fund is only looking one day ahead

Runestone Capital is a london-based hedge fund that trades volatility with a one-day horizon. The absolute return fund uses a quantitative model that takes into account more than 700 variables and returned 30% in 2016.

Are you ready to earn 5% a year?

Investment professional David Merkel has run the numbers following the latest data out of the Federal Reserve and he sees future returns for the S&P 500 hovering around the 5% a year mark, down about 1% from the previous quarter.

Six things to learn from the market’s reaction to the Fed

Former Pimco executive Mohamed El-Erian has come up with six takeaways from the market’s reaction to the latest Federal Reserve rate hike. Overall, he thinks the latest rate hike gives investors a more complicated landscape to choose from.

Bitcoin in a bubble

There are a great number of people who are uncertain about the true value of a bitcoin but Peter Schiff is not among them. Schiff thinks bitcoin is a worthless asset with no intrinsic value. He compares the run up in price to the Tulip bubble.

Why I never trade stock options

Seeking Alpha writer Rob Marstrand talks about some of the pitfalls of stock options. These complicated assets can be difficult for investors to understand and this article outlines some of the reasons why.

Book of the Week: Unshakeable. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins’ last finance book (Money: Master The Game) was excellent and full of solid information for investors. Robbins is back with Unshakeable which promises more straight to the point investing advice. Robbins is of the view that a crash is coming so it pays to get prepared now.

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